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About Green Stone Design - Green Stone Design
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“Delivering Exceptional Value in Beautifully Restored Homes”

About Green Stone Design

Green Stone Design, Inc. was founded in 2003 with a simple mission: to transform houses into beautiful and enduring homes. That means making smart remodeling & renovation choices that create a rock-solid investment that holds value through the years and contributes to the vitality of the neighborhood.

To make that happen, we evaluate every new project for the most efficient use of space. We look at hypothetical traffic patterns throughout the home, optimal placement of creature-comforts, access to outdoor space and more. We work together as a team of dedicated professionals: we begin with the architect in the planning stage, move on to the contractor in the building phase, bring in the designer in the finishing stage and finally the real estate sales team in the listing stage.

Throughout the entire process, we’re always on site to make sure nothing is overlooked – from the first walk through to knocking out the last item on the punch list, we are continually evaluating the viability of the project. We feel a personal responsibility for ensuring that we’re delivering a home that we’d be proud to call our own.