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Green Stone Design http://greenstonedesigninc.com “Delivering Exceptional Value in Beautifully Restored Homes” Tue, 21 Feb 2017 20:04:50 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=4.4.17 Mitch and Shelby http://greenstonedesigninc.com/testimonials/mitch-and-shelby/ http://greenstonedesigninc.com/testimonials/mitch-and-shelby/#respond Mon, 11 Feb 2013 18:48:37 +0000 http://greenstonedesigninc.com/?p=506 Mitch White and FamilyMy wife Shelby and I knew we loved our house the first time we saw it.  Now that we have lived there for two weeks we are even more impressed with the work Green Stone Design performed on the house.  Their attention to detail, design choices, and workmanship are all outstanding.  They were able to keep many original features while also updating those systems that needed to be modernized.  We have the best of all worlds – a 120 years old house with all the benefits of new construction.  We love our home and are very grateful to Green Stone Design for making it happen!

Mitch and Shelby White, Grant Park   

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Kenzi, Matt and Family http://greenstonedesigninc.com/testimonials/kenzi-matt/ http://greenstonedesigninc.com/testimonials/kenzi-matt/#respond Tue, 28 Aug 2012 20:31:57 +0000 http://greenstonedesign.redrobingroup.com/?p=81 My husband found our home and was instantly in love.  I needed more time.  I was working overseas so I needed some time to look at other homes in order to make the best decision for our family.  After seeing about 10 other homes in our neighborhood, we kept coming back to this one.  Everything about it was right.  It was the perfect size.  It was the most well crafted home.  You could tell from the landscaping in front, to the layout inside, there was thought and love that went into this home.  It was perfect for us and for our family to grow into.  5 years of marriage and two children later, we still love everything about this home.  We haven’t even changed the paint color!    

Thanks Green Stone Design!

-Kenzi, Matt and Family, Ormewood Park


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Renovating for Resale: Tips for Success http://greenstonedesigninc.com/blog/renovating-for-resal/ http://greenstonedesigninc.com/blog/renovating-for-resal/#respond Sat, 28 Jul 2012 20:07:22 +0000 http://greenstonedesign.redrobingroup.com/?p=78 Recent Atlanta real estate conditions have been ripe for investors and renovators, and we’ve seen fantastic rehabs pop up all around our neighborhoods – Ormewood Park, Candler Park, Grant Park renovations that really breathe life back into our communities.

Renovating a home isn’t simple, however, it requires jumping innumerable hurdles, following proper channels, financial management and an eye for design. It also requires market foresight because renovations, ideally, should boost the home’s resale value. How do you ensure you’re renovating for resale? Here are a few tips to follow.

  1. Energy efficiency isn’t a trend, it’s a money saving, environmentally conscious feature that nearly every discerning buyer will look for in his or her home. Consider upgrading your windows to double pane and getting extra insulation in your attic. Energy Star appliances, digital thermostats and low-flow faucets and toilets are all good investments to make during a renovation.
  2. Renovate rooms that everyone uses on a regular basis. Kitchens, for example, as well as bathrooms, are two rooms that give you large return on your investment. Master suites, although not communal, are also great rooms to renovate – and think large closets and attached baths to make the suite truly a separate entity.
  3. How is the home’s security? People want to feel 100% safe in their homes, so security systems, proper locking mechanisms, sturdy doors and secure windows are imperative.
  4. Always think about the first impression. Curb appeal is almost always underrated when it comes to home renovations. Yard improvements can be made relatively inexpensively, so if you’re planning on overhauling a main living space, set a little aside to have the yard spruced up. Curb appeal is especially important if you’re trying to sell your home.
  5. Take it one step at a time. If you execute a major renovation that makes your home much more valuable than the homes around it, getting it to appraise will be challenging when it comes time to sell.

By renovating the right spaces and making deliberate, secure and energy efficient decisions, you guarantee that you’re renovating your Atlanta home not only for yourself, but also renovating for resale.

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Top 10 Tips for a Great Kitchen http://greenstonedesigninc.com/blog/tips-for-great-kitchen/ http://greenstonedesigninc.com/blog/tips-for-great-kitchen/#respond Sat, 28 Jul 2012 20:06:54 +0000 http://greenstonedesign.redrobingroup.com/?p=76 How much time do you spend in your kitchen? Many families would answer:  a lot. In fact, a growing trend we see reflected in design is the kitchen serving more and more as an extension of the family room – large islands, extra seating, open floorplans and plenty of space for all your friends and family to congregate.

Keep this in mind, as well as these other tips, if you’re considering a kitchen remodel.

  1. Create flow. Ensure that spaces are wide enough and the layout supports ease of movement through the kitchen.
  2. Add seating. Especially if cooking and eating is something you frequently do in groups, consider bar stools or an adjoining eat-in area where people can take repose.
  3. Have a design in mind. Don’t go too, over the top modern or too antiquated – you want to ensure you’re adding resale value to your Atlanta home with its new kitchen. Upscale features and classically modern design elements will take you a long way.
  4. One of these elements in your cabinetry. Wood is durable and can be stained or painted to match your kitchen’s style.
  5. While thinking cabinetry, keep storage in mind. The kitchen is the one room in the home with the most need for storage. Consider unique storage needs, like spices and large pans, to ensure you plan for those in your design.
  6. Stainless appliances have become status quo and are a wise decision when remodeling a kitchen.
  7. Counter space is paramount to a functional kitchen. Consider a large, basin sink plus a smaller sink recessed in an expansive amount of counter area to guarantee you have plenty of prep room.
  8. Technology is in every room of our homes, and the kitchen doesn’t have to be an exception. Integrated appliances, televisions and touch screens are common place in our kitchens.
  9. Go green – the kitchen is a great place to save energy and resources. Energy Star appliances; built in composters and compactors; and low flow faucets are sought after features.
  10. Lighting is key in the kitchen. While aesthetics are important, function is even more so when preparing food, putting away groceries and eating a meal. Consider layering your lighting so you can choose bright fixtures while making a meal, and dimmer, softer lighting while enjoying a romantic dinner.

Kitchen remodels are extensive and among the more expensive renovations you can make. Thus, you’ll want to guarantee you get it right the first time by following these tips, budgeting, having a master plan and making thoughtful decisions regarding each and every feature.

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Bathroom Remodeling 101: Dos and Don’ts http://greenstonedesigninc.com/blog/bathroom-remodeling-101/ http://greenstonedesigninc.com/blog/bathroom-remodeling-101/#respond Sat, 28 Jul 2012 20:05:52 +0000 http://greenstonedesign.redrobingroup.com/?p=73 We use our bathrooms multiple times on a daily basis, and bathroom remodels are great home improvement decisions not only because they provide you with a comfortable, functional space, but also because they add value to your home. When tackling a bathroom renovation, there are countless dos and don’ts, but knowing the basics will help you avoid common pitfalls.

Do…have a solid budget and professional plan in place before beginning. Many people get excited about the finished product and take shortcuts when preparing. This is the surest way to make mistakes during the remodel.

Don’t…stick to your DIY guns if you come up against projects outside of your expertise and abilities. Although you’ll spend a little extra hiring skilled labor, what you get in return with regard to quality, craftsmanship and the life of the bathroom will far outweigh your initial investment.

Do…plan for unexpected repairs. Bathrooms are wet! Unseen mold or fungal growth, even water damage, is not uncommonly uncovered during bathroom remodeling. Have some funds set aside for unforeseen issues like these.

Don’t…leave the toilet exposed. Hide it behind a partial wall, in an alcove or in a small, separate room.

Do…think big when it comes to the shower. When was the last time you used your tub? Many of us don’t have the time to soak in a large, Roman style tub. But spacious showers with upscale faucets, tile, good lighting and glass doors are in demand.

Don’t…forget about storage. From toiletries to medicine to the various sundries we require to look our best by the time we leave every day, there are several storage needs our bathrooms must meet. Provide ample space for towels and bathmats, as well.

Do…install a spacious vanity. We stand in front of our mirrors and vanities to get ourselves ready, and we need space to sit our shaving setups, makeup, blow dryers and brushes. Large vanity surfaces plus drawers for storage are important.

Don’t…order all of your materials online. You will want to see, feel and ask questions about supplies you’re using in your bathroom remodel in person.

Do…be mindful of water use and energy efficiency. Save money and resources by using low-flow faucets and toilets in your bathroom renovation.

These dos and don’ts of bathroom remodeling will not only help you stay on course, they will help to ensure that you’re upgrades are adding value to your property, as well.


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Julie Greenlee http://greenstonedesigninc.com/testimonials/julie-greenlee/ http://greenstonedesigninc.com/testimonials/julie-greenlee/#respond Thu, 19 Jul 2012 15:29:30 +0000 http://biscuit-test-site.com/?p=346 My partner Molly and I bought our house in 2010. Being a real estate agent, I can find flaws with nearly any house…except ours. Green Stone Design’s ability to perform quality work, provide attention to detail and install high-end finishes while maintaining a reasonable price is second to none. As we look forward to welcoming our first child in January—and all the stresses that are sure to accompany that—we are so grateful that our family’s home is perfect.



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Jason and Jennifer http://greenstonedesigninc.com/testimonials/jason-and-jennifer/ http://greenstonedesigninc.com/testimonials/jason-and-jennifer/#respond Sat, 30 Jun 2012 15:30:50 +0000 http://biscuit-test-site.com/?p=348 We bought a Green Stone Design house three years ago and we couldn’t be more pleased. The craftsmanship and amenities of the home were exactly what we were looking for. 

Green Stone plays a major role in bettering the neighborhood, and it is great to see their work all around.  I highly recommend any of their properties and wish them further success.


Thanks Green Stone Design!

-Jason and Jennifer, Ormewood Park

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Deke and Eva http://greenstonedesigninc.com/testimonials/deke-eva/ http://greenstonedesigninc.com/testimonials/deke-eva/#respond Tue, 05 Jun 2012 15:32:53 +0000 http://biscuit-test-site.com/?p=351 We love our new home. The construction and finishes are top notch and
the layout works perfect for our family. We couldn’t be happier.


-Deke, Eva and Family

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Laura and Dale http://greenstonedesigninc.com/testimonials/laura-dale/ http://greenstonedesigninc.com/testimonials/laura-dale/#respond Fri, 25 May 2012 15:34:02 +0000 http://biscuit-test-site.com/?p=357 We had the pleasure of purchasing a Green Stone Design property in Ormewood Park approximately four years ago. We’ve been very pleased with our home. It’s definitely a top notch renovation.

Even our home inspector said he has never seen such a high quality renovation. We wouldn’t hesitate purchasing another GSD property.

Maura and Kendall were awesome to work with, and it’s obvious how much pride they take in their company.

Thanks Green Stone!

-Laura and Dale, Ormewood Park

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Alex and Stephanie http://greenstonedesigninc.com/testimonials/alex-stephanie/ http://greenstonedesigninc.com/testimonials/alex-stephanie/#respond Sun, 15 Apr 2012 15:35:00 +0000 http://biscuit-test-site.com/?p=359 As first time home buyers, we found everything we could have wanted in our house from Green Stone Design. 

From the quality of the work to the openness of the living space, it was easy to make this house a home with our own personal touches.  We love the hardwood floors, the tray ceiling, the detail of the fixtures; it is just perfect! 

Thank you, Green Stone Design, for our amazing new home!

-Alex and Stephanie, Grant Park

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